The majority of my work is appropriated imagery, taken from defunct image hosting websites, surveillance camera feeds, Youtube videos, and family archives. The motivation behind the production of these images seems to be the consumption of them, as if they’re inherently part of a larger collaborative effort–what are archives if not a collection of materials, preserved in the hope that someone in the future will find them useful? In the abstract, this material is no different than books and ephemera kept in the basement of a public library; it exists to be accessed, and is–often for reasons unforeseeable to the people who saved or created it. I’ve even come to think of surveillance footage as its own sort of archive–a continual visual record that exists in anticipation of a future event. For my part in this exchange, I pare down and recontextualize these images into installations, often influenced by the industrial Brooklyn neighborhood in which I live.

Emily Chiavelli